Grayscale Inc.

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Grayscale Inc. is a brand-new, top of the shelf legal service run by
undergraduates from various universities/colleges throughout India.

Grayscale Inc. currently provides the following services:

Consultancy: Providing legal advice to clients.

Advocacy: Everyone needs a good argument sooner or later. Grayscale provides opinionated
articles on issues to clients (including students) for a fee.

Drafting: Drafting is as much an art as it is a science. Grayscale helps draft legal notices,
complaints, reply notes etc. for lawyers who need assistance and for laymen.

Research: Grayscale provides research material to lawyers and other legal
professionals on specific matters as asked for. Law students having access to various E-Sources and libraries in their university premises can be very efficient in this regard.

Practice Areas
 Competition Law
 Contract Law
 Corporate Law
 Cyber Law
 Environmental law
 Family Law
 Intellectual Property Law
 Media Law
 Sports Law

Each of these areas will have separate teams working in them.

Only, students in their 2nd year or above from 5-year law courses and students in their 2nd year from 3-year law courses may apply.
CVs should be sent to along with the area of specialty mentioned in the same.

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