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About : Need A Read is focused on Uplifting educational standards. Under this project it is expected to facilitate reading material to selected underprivileged schools.Reading is the first step to become a versatile intellect who will out-stand from the rest. Knowledge, experience and changes in attitudes acquired from reading books bring an immense value to us. Nevertheless, there are students who have the desire to read, willing to discover the world with the adventures in books, are underprivileged due to the shortage of good books. “Need A Read” project predominantly focuses on the schools’ without the library facility or the schools’, which have limited number of books in their libraries. What they do is they collect books from schools & colleges by having collection campaigns in that areas/locality, so the students who don’t need the books after they have used them & are going to sell it or just keep it with them can come & donate it to them. And we then donate all collected books to selected underprivileged schools. This project is totally a non-for-profit model.

Deadline : 30th April, 2013.

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