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ABOUT:The Concept of human rights is as old as the ancient concept of natural rights based on natural law. The expression “human rights” is of recent origin emanating from international charters and conventions especially in the Post Second World War.

When India enacted different pieces of legislations and initiated effective measures against the violators to protect and preserve human rights of the individuals, some NGOs, notably the Amnesty International, a UK based NGO, started hue and cry against such legislations and measures.

With a view to bringing about greater accountability and transparency and devising efficient and effective methods of dealing with the violation of human rights, after wide ranging discussions at various fora such as Chief Ministers’ Conference on “Human Rights, Seminars organized in various parts of the country and meetings with leaders of various political parties, the Bill on the Protection of Human Rights was brought before Parliament. This bill has eventually seen the light of the day on 8th January 1994 in the shape of “The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993.

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