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Location: Gurgaon
About HEEALS: Heeals is a Non Profit Organisation registered under the Indian Government Section 21 of 1860 Society Act . Heeals is an acronym denoting their commitment to committing human and technical resource to achieve Health Education Environment and Livelihood Society for all.
About the internship: They are actively working in Sanitation , Water and Girl Education Awareness Project where they are creating awareness among the rural and urban slums in various parts of India. They are creating awareness through various models of communication such as ICT and IEC tools and using more interactive methods such as Drama , Documentary film making , photography reports , shows and events.
HEEALS wants Interns to work with them on this project , They need a Mutlitasker with a ability to adapt according to challenging environment with minimal resources available. He/She need to be a go getter and self starter and ability to Initiate tasks on own. He or she would be working with Heeals team in conceptualization, formalization to implementation of the project. He/She would be involved in surveys , organizing campaigns , doing events , workshops from planning to implementation along with Heeals Team . Need to work along with Heeals team , but also need to have ability to handle the project on his or her own whenever required and should be able to plan and implement the activities accordingly. Following activities a Intern need to perform :-
  • Planning ,Coordination , Conceptualization to Implementation of the project
  • Implementing awareness project in the targeted areas through the use of ICT and IEC tools
  • Implementing and planning whole Survey Process with Heeals Team
  • Making documentary movies along with Indian Bollywood director as a guide
  • Doing photography and making pictorial reports on various subjects related to project
  • Doing secondary and primary research
  • Writing press releases and content related to project for reports
  • Idealization and Knowledge Management
  • Pamphlet and Brochure Designing
  • Teaching elementary English , Science and other subjects to Girl and street children in Project Areas
  • Designing a prototype for elementary Science and English school education book with relation to Girl Hygiene , Sanitation and Water


Requirement: One basic requirement for a volunteer and intern is that either he or she speaks or write English ,Spanish ,French , Russian or Hindi. They look for people, who have a keen interest in community development, good team worker, show good initiative, are open-minded and willing to work in a new and challenging environment.
Interns are free to pick any area of there expertise from above given tasks and duties or they can also work on all the above tasks and duties if they want. He/She can also pick a topic of there studies and if they wants to do any other different tasks from the one highlighted above can also perform and do as per the go ahead from Heeals Management.
Registration form can be downloaded from here:
Provided by: Tejal Triksha, Chanakya National Law University.
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