We Want Change announces Summer Internship for 2014, apply by 31st March , 2014

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We Want Change announces Summer Internship for 2014 which is based in Delhi.This time we are targeting a slum area of Delhi.Behind the high beams of development and multistory buildings their exists another Delhi which compromises about 52% of total population of Delhi. This majority is living a life of scarcity and pain.


In comparison to Delhi’s infant mortality rate (IMR) of 40, the IMR in slums is higher at 54 for every 1,000 live births.


The immunization level in the slums covers a dismal 34 percent of the population and because of the negligence of civic authorities in providing safe drinking water and sanitation, there is a high incidence of diseases such as diarrhea (75 percent) and anemia (63 percent). Situation is worse than being reported So this time “We Want Change” takes an initiative to bring a vital change in the prevailed situation of this highly deprived section of this well developed Capital City of India.When we focused on this section of Delhi we felt SAD hence here we are with our new initiative  SAD :Slum Area Development


Main area of focus will be


1> Child Education


2> Old age education


3> Legal Aid


4> Health and Sanitation


Interested people can apply by sending their application along with their CV and a Photograph.The application must include a short description of their abilities (Strictly beneficial for S.A.D) and why they want to be in the team .We have restricted the number of volunteers/Interns to 20.




Vacancy : 20*


Its a no profit initiative, every kind of support will be welcomed.


Period : 45 days (April 2014 – May 2014)


Venue : Delhi


Last date to apply : 31st of march.*


Selection Procedure : Telephonic/Personal Interview


*Discretionary power of Core Committee to amend as per the requirement.                                                   


 email : wwchange13@gmail.com                                                                   

FACEBOOK POST : https://www.facebook.com/notes/we-want-change/slum-area-development-sad-/692637490779026

Information Courtesy: http://knowledgesteez.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/we-want-change-announces-summer-internship-for-2014-apply-by-31st-march-2014/

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