Internship at Samvedana

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  • About:Samvedana is an NGO working for the betterment of the slum children and women in Wajad, an area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Being the brainchild of one Mrs. Janki Vasant, the inspiration for initiating Samvedana has been her association with numerous social activities and organizations in the past. Besides, social service has been a tradition of sort in the family and she is born to well known social activists parents.
  • Where: Ahmedabad

Subsequently, after her involvement with disaster management task was over, Mrs. Vasant concentrated on Wadaj area of Ahmedabad- which earlier had been a part of her mother’s legislative and parliamentary constituency. Though the area had experienced visible progress but it was observed that Municipal schools with all their infrastructures and government support had hardly been able to provide teachings and learning even to basic expected standard.




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