“COMMUNICATING FREEDOM” Essay Writing Competition

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Centre for Civil Society – LawLex


Essay Writing Competition


Centre for Civil Society advances social change through public policy. Our work in education,

livelihood, and policy training promotes choice and accountability across private and public

sectors. To translate policy into practice, we engage with policy and opinion leaders through

research, pilot projects and advocacy. We are India’s leading liberal think tank, ranked 50

worldwide by the annual study conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program at the

University of Pennsylvania.

CCS envisions a world where each individual leads a life of choice in personal, economic and

political spheres and every institution is accountable. We successfully campaigned for livelihood

freedom for street entrepreneurs, resulting in the passing of the Street Vendors (Regulation

and Protection of Livelihood Act in March 2014. Our School Choice Campaign popularised the

instrument of school vouchers in education, increasing choice and access to quality education

Currently, our focus is on reshaping the school education policy landscape – shifting the focus

to learning outcomes, expanding choice in education and advocating deregulation for private

sector; amplifying the voice of budget private schools which are catering to the poor sections of

society but face closure in the face of the RTE; enhancing choice and accountability through the

CCS skill voucher model in government skilling programs; promoting livelihood freedom by

facilitating effective implementation of the Street Vendors Act and creating future leaders

through policy trainings and courses who will be champions of liberty in their fields going



LawLex is a Research and Educational organization, the first of this kind, which is working to

provide various opportunities for educational enhancement and empowerment of Law

students, all over India and Abroad. We do it through Legal Awareness Programmes,

Internships and Campaigns. LawLex is also a knowledge base of various events being conducted

in all the Law Colleges of India and all across the globe. It is a platform for publication of peer

reviewed Articles. We have working Journals on Environmental Law and IPR’s.


This essay writing competition is a joint initiative of Centre for Civil Society and LawLex

Organization to encourage young minds to engage in a critical thought process and to provide

them with a platform to express their opinions. The word Freedom has a very vast meaning

which cannot be singularly expressed. This essay writing competitions gives you the liberty to

experiment and innovate with words.


1. The current danger is that India will stretch into Centuries what took other countries

only Decades: Friedman.

2. Taboos behind Low Economic growth rate of India.

3. Indian Policy: Greater Freedom or Greater Authoritarianism.

4. Is India too soft to become Economic power?

5. High speed Railway infrastructure for India: Benefits, Feasibility and Challenges.

6. Is Civil Society crossing its limits in India?

7. Right to Information and Private Sector.

8. Data privacy and UID Scheme in India.

9. The day a woman can walk freely on the roads, that day we can say that India achieved

Independence : Mahatma Gandhi


1. Any student pursuing any undergraduate course, post graduate course or doctoral

course in any recognized college or university around the world.

2. Any individual who has passed the above course can also apply.


1. Essays should be sent in English only.

2. Essays must be original and unpublished.

3. Copyright of the Essays shall rest with the organizers. Organizers hold the right to

republish the essays in a book if required.

4. Only one submission is allowed per author.

5. Co-authored submissions will be rejected.

6. Identification mark (name or any mark which identifies the author) must not be found in

any part of essay.


1. The submission shall consist of an abstract, essay and/or bibliography.

2. An abstract should not be more than 300 words inclusive of title and keywords.

3. The essay should not be more than 3000 words (excluding footnotes).

4. Footnotes must conform to the authoritative standard rules of legal citation and must

include a description of each authority adequate enough to allow a reasonable reader to

identify and locate the authority in a publication of general circulation.


1. Font size shall be 12 points in Times New Roman.

2. 1.5 intercellular space/line spacing.

3. A footer numbering pages as “Page a of y” on right side of each page.

4. Footnote Size 10 points


1. The participants should send the following the attachments via email only.

2. Essay in MS Word format with subject “Communicating Freedom Essay Writing

3. Cover page containing Name of participant, Nationality, address, e-mail-id, contact


number and name of college/university with address and class.

Essays should be sent only to mail.lawlex@gmail.com


1st Prize – Rs 4500

2nd Prize – Rs 3000

3rd Prize – Rs 1500

Consolation Prize – Rs 500

# The prizes have been sponsored by Centre for Civil Society


Last Date of Submission: 15th of August 2014 [Independence Day] 23:59 HRS

Declaration of Result: Result will be declared in the end of August.

Centre for Civil Society LawLex

Website : http://www.ccs.in

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/ccsindia

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ccsindia

Email : ccs@ccs.in





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