Internship at Centre for Disability Studies

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  1. ABOUT: Centre for Disability Studies has been established with the following objectives:
    • To generate legal knowledge on disability issues
    • To Create a rights based discourse on disability
    • To advocate for the rights of persons with disability
    • To catalyze civil society understanding on disability rights
    • To document current developments in disability law and policy
It is an initiative to trigger thought processes on the interplay between the legal order and disability. The Centre is a congregation of legal minds who are especially focussing on how the power of law can be used to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices towards persons with disability. The members of the Centre are through the medium of writing and research, teaching and training, dialogue, discussions and consultations attempting to create an empowering legal discourse on disability rights and the full social participation of persons with disabilities.


INTERNSHIP DETAILS: Centre for Disability Studies and Centre for Legal Philosophy and Justice Education accepts interns on a rolling basis throughout the year. Interns can send their expression of interest for any of the activities of the Centres along with their curriculum vitae and the time period for which they are available to pursue their internship at the Centre. Internship period is minimum 3 to 4 weeks.  At present both Centres will accept new interns from February, 2013 onwards only.

As a general rule, the Centre requires internships to be pursued at the premises of the Centre in NALSAR University, Hyderabad. Sometimes, the Centre offers part-time internships to students based in other parts of the country. In these part-time internships,  the student can undertake the tasks assigned by the Centre from wherever they are based and stay in contact with the Centre primarily through the internet.

Whilst the Centre specializes in the interface between law and disability, the internships are not limited to law students only; students from other disciplines are encouraged to apply.

The Centre is especially keen to interact with persons with disabilities and especially invites students with disabilities to intern with the Centres.  We do not endorse the medical definition of disability. Any student who is facing barriers in the exercise of learning and social participation due to physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments whether of a temporary or permanent nature is a student with disability and can seek an internship in this category.

To Intern with the Centre write to /



Centre for Disability Studies
Nalsar University of Law,
Justice City, Shameerpet 500078.
R.R.District, Andhra Pradesh

Email disabilitystudiesnalsar@