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ABOUT:  International Research Help Group is an initiative to bring together researchers from all over the world.  The research help group aims to create an environment for researchers to encourage healthy discussions amongst them on their research topics with fellow researchers. All you need to do is share your research related queries in the group and we will we there to attend the same. We are there to assist you right from selecting a topic, collecting the data to summarizing the research report, and everything else that concerns.

Be it anything, any doubt, any issue, you can find the solution at one place. And that’s this International Research Help Group.


Who Can Join the Group?

Students, Academicians, Corporate Firms, Law Firms, NGO’s, Research Organizations, websites, Advocates, colleges etc.   



  • Research Help
  • Data Collection for Research
  • Summarizing Research
  • Sharing Research
  • Discussion on Research Questions
  • Citation Support

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